Progress in May

May projects:

Electricity in the Barn

Walk-in Cooler delivered, installed, A/C cranking, shelves assembled

Irrigation lines dug for piping 


Rows upon rows of plastic laid. For weed control the beds sit for a few weeks then planted.  We use different colors of plastic on different vegetables to see what each prefers.


The planting never stops! Check out this cool new machine….

Electic fence around the irresistable lettuce keeps the deer away (for awhile….) 


New cleaning station erected with tables for washing, brand new waterline ran from the city water, and shade cover for the workers.

First harvest and First trip to Market


The History

2008 – The first fall season. Pumpkins and mums sold at the local market ignite the business.

2009 – The first full season, spring through the fall, selling in nearby Benton and Marion, IL. As the true beginning of developing a farm it was major work to turn a former corn field into a vegetable farm. Planning where to have a lake built, planning what to plant where, procuring the farm equipment and learning along the way.

2010 – The first hoop house makes life a bit easier.  Having endured the challenges Mother Nature offers a farmer, the decision to temper her power was not only inevitable but necessary for success.  Fragile lettuces, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers thrive in this controlled environment.

2011 – Continued growth, expanded markets in the St. Louis area and more hoop houses erected with the help of a new employee, family members donating sweat equity and a state supported program.  New crops this season include multiple varieties of garlic, leeks, cut flowers and more.